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Transportation - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here is a listing of common questions relating to the City of Lee's Summit curb repair programs.  To display the answer to a question, just click on the question and the answer will display below it.  If a question is not found, we encourage you to ask us a question.

Transportation FAQ
Ask a question
Does the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport have commercial airliners?
What is the train schedule. Is there service to down tow KC. If so what station does ...
I am working on the new Fire Station #2, located at 2000 NE Rice Road. It appears tha...
Do you anticipate an increase in your daily hours of operation once the landing strip...
How do I report a signal light malfunction?
How do I find out about up coming events at the airport?
When are U turns legal?
We have been told that we will be fined if we do not remove the snow from our drivewa...
Who do I contact about replacing a residential curb?
How do you determine sidewalk repair?
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