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SW Rules

Summit Waves General Pool Rules

1. All children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult, age 16+.

2. Children not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper and appropriate swim attire. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk

3. An adult may not supervise more than 8 children and must maintain visual contact at all times.

4. Single visit patrons who leave the facility must purchase another single visit pass for re-entry.

5. Lost or stolen articles are the responsibility of the owner. Lockers are available for patrons. Patrons can bring their own lock or locks are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk.

6. Toys (non metal) are allowed in the zero depth entry pool only. Soft throw toys may be used in the lap pool. Dive sticks are NOT allowed.

7. Personal Flotation Device use is limited to those approved by the US Coast Guard. A limited amount of lifejackets will be provided by Summit Waves for the convenience of our patrons. Personal Flotation Devices are not allowed on the slides, diving boards, or in diving area.

8. Admittance to the pool will be refused for: drunkenness, inability to care for self, open sores, contagious disease, perceived detriment to the decorum of the pool, improper attire, and/or improper behavior.

9. Please follow all posted rules at special areas.

10. The following are NOT allowed at Summit Waves

a. Glass containers.
b. Chewing gum.
c. Deck chairs in the concession area or in the pool.
d. Dangerous or offensive acts.
e. Alcohol.
f. Smokeless tobacco or smoking inside the fenced area. (This is a tobacco-free facility)
g. Inappropriate attire, including but not limited too: thongs, jeans, jean shorts, revealing bathing suits.
h. Use of any electronic, mechanical, manual, electric, digital, voltaic or other devices, instrument or means capable of recording, producing, duplicating, reproducing, storing, copying, transmitting or displaying any visual, video, photographic, electronic, digital, recorded, or other visual image, picture, or representation, including but not limited to any camera, photographic camera, video camera, fiber optic camera, motion picture camera, television camera, camcorder, videotaping device, or camera cell phone, in any restroom, locker room, lavatory, bathroom, shower facility, or dressing room, in any building owned, leased to, or under the control of the Parks Department in order to protect the privacy of our patrons.

Violation of rules will result in:

1st – Verbal warning
2nd - Suspension of pool use for 1 hour
3rd - Removal from pool/park for rest of the day
4th - Revocation of pool pass and/or no admittance for 5 days
5th - Revocation of pool pass and/or no admittance for the rest of the season

Lee’s Summit Parks & Recreation (LSPR) reserves the right to…
…close the pool for special aquatic programs, unfavorable weather and/or insufficient attendance.
…change or modify the rules at any time deemed necessary.
…refuse service to any patron if it is deemed in the best interest of the facility.

All ordinances of the City of Lee’s Summit shall be enforced.

Important Numbers: Summit Waves, 969-1545. Rainout, 969-1516. Main Office, 969-1500.

Diving and Diving Board Rules

1. One person allowed on boards at a time.

2. Persons in line must wait until the previous diver has safely reached the pool ladder before climbing the diving board ladder.

3. Divers should exit the diving well at the nearest ladder and should not swim under the diving board.
4. Safe diving must be practiced.

5. No running, cartwheels or handstands on the board.

6. Inward dives and multiple bounces are prohibited.

7. Divers must dive straight out from the board.

8. Diving board fulcrums are NOT to be moved.


Children's Playground Rules

1. The kiddie slide is for patrons UNDER 48” ONLY. Guardians and siblings over 48” may not slide down with children. It is recommended that all sliders slide on their backs.

2. Users of this area must use caution at all times while engaging in activities.


Action River Rules

1. No climbing, standing, walking or sitting on the walls in the action river. No jumping into action river from side of pool.

2. Patrons may only enter the Action River at identified entrance points.

3. No diving in the river.

4. Floaters must follow direction of current at all times.

5. No standing on tubes.

6. No noodles or other flotation devices will be permitted.

7. Always use caution and follow staff directives when in the action river.


Waterslide Rules

1. Patrons must be a MINIMUM OF 42” TALL to use the slide as mandated by the slide manufacturer. Lifeguards will verify each rider’s height.

2. Slide users must be able to climb the slide steps unassisted in order to use the slide.

3. Patrons who are pregnant, have a fear of heights, or have experienced heart or back problems should not use the slide.

4. Masks, goggles, flotation devices, and swimsuits with metal rivets are not permitted on the water slide.

5. Participants must line up on the stairs in single file.

6. Lifeguards will signal when the next slider may go.

7. Swimmers must go down the slide feet first, either on their back, sitting up, or on a tube supplied by Summit Waves.

8. Keep hands and feet inside the slide.

9. Do not stop on the slide.

10. Move away from the bottom of the slide quickly.

11. Patrons or lifeguards in the plunge pool may not catch sliders.

12. Swimmers must exit the plunge pool quickly.