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Environmental Records Request

All environmental records requests, including those for Phase I ESA's, should be directed to the Lee's Summit Fire Department via their Contact Us page.



Environmental Services

Unique Items Recycled at City’s RecycleFEST

People did not let a little rain stop them from recycling many unique items at the City’s RecycleFEST on April 29, at City Hall. Paper shredding was the most popular recycled item with approximately 3 tons of paper shredded and recycled. According to the shredding vendor, that amount is equivalent to more than 50 trees being saved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about a Transfer Station at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (landfill) *UPDATED April 21, 2017*

  • What is a transfer station?
  • Why is the City proposing a transfer station at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (landfill)?
  • When can I learn more about the proposed transfer station?
  • Does a transfer station at the City's Resource Recovery Park (landfill) have to meet the requirements of the City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)?
  • What are the requirements of the City’s UDO for transfer station approval?
  • What public hearings are required for a transfer station at the City's Resource Recovery Park (landfill)?
  • It was originally reported that both a Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) and a Special Use Permit (SUP) would be required for the transfer station. Why is the City not required to complete a PDP?
  • When will there be a public hearing regarding a transfer station at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (landfill)?
  • What other permits are required for a transfer station at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (landfill)?
  • What other locations for a transfer station is the City considering?
  • Will the City or a private corporation own the transfer station at the City’s Resource Recovery Park (landfill)?  
  • What makes this location (City’s Resource Recovery Park) ideal for a transfer station?  Why next to a neighborhood? Why also put it behind Sunset View Elementary school?
  • Voy Spears Elementary 5th Graders Stencil Storm Drains

    In partnership with the City of Lee’s Summit, the 5th Grade students from Voy Spears Elementary School, located at 201 NE Anderson Drive, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, embarked on a large scale project in October to stencil the storm drains in the Oaks Ridge Meadows subdivision, located in the northern portion of Lee’s Summit along Anderson Drive.  

    Changes to Recycling Availability at Lee’s Summit Schools

    Beginning with the start of the new school year on Aug. 17, 2016, the recycling bins located in the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District parking lots will now be designated for school and student use only.

    Lee's Summit Reactivates Storm Drain Stenciling Program!

    Educating the community about the importance of keeping our water clean and free of pollutants harmful to humans and the environment is at the heart of the City’s Storm Drain Stenciling Program being reactivated by the City on Sat., Aug. 13.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Closing of the Recycling Centers

    • Why are the recycling centers closing? 
    • What environmental services and outreach programs were included in the contract with Summit Waste Systems/HES?
    • Could the City re-open the recycling centers and/or continue some of its other environmental services and outreach programs?
    • How do I make an HHW appointment after March 1, 2016?
    • How can I dispose of my recycling?