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Community for All Ages

Find out what steps the City is taking to become a Community for All Ages

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Employment in Lee's Summit

Looking for more employment opportunities besides the City of Lee's Summit?

CLICK HERE to visit the Lee's Summit Economic Development Council's Employment website for employment opportunities offered by other major employers.  


The City of Lee’s Summit received the 2013 MWITE (Mid-Western Institute of Transportation Engineers) Transportation Achievement Award for its Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program. 

This program was developed by the City’s Public Works Department and adopted by the City Council in 2007 to address traffic concerns within residential areas.  Program related projects are uniquely driven by residents through a collaborative process of community support, professional study and staff administration.

More than 36 projects have been coordinated since 2007, a demonstration of program sustainability and success.  Projects have resulted in traffic education, enforcement, and/or engineered (traffic calming) treatments that promote the safe movement of traffic in neighborhoods.

For more information on this program and individual projects, please contact Michael Park, City Traffic Engineer at 969-1800, or visit the City’s website at: http://cityofls.net/Public-Works/Traffic-Transit/Neighborhood-Traffic-Safety-Program.aspx.