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Second Amended Charter

While the Charter as a whole was adopted immediately upon the citizens’ vote, there were two areas where later effective dates were included in the recommendations: 

·      Section 3.13.  Legislative Procedures, subsections (e) and (f), regarding the reading and approval of ordinances, to be effective July 1, 2017; and,

·      Chapter 4. Mayor, to be effective after the April 2018 election for Mayor. 

In the following Charter, changes to these sections are shown in red, with a footnote containing an explanation.  The Charter will be updated again after each of the two effective dates. 

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The Lee’s Summit City Council approved a one-time expenditure in the amount of $31,206 for the Jackson County Regional Transit Plan education program in conjunction with Jackson County and other Kansas City area municipalities. The decision was made during the March 15th Lee’s Summit City Council meeting.

The education program will provide information about the benefits of developing a regional commuter rail service and the proposals envisioned for our community and areas in eastern Jackson County. 

“There has been significant confusion about Kansas City area transit programs in the past. A sincere effort has been made to gather input from those who may benefit and/or be impacted by the future public use of the Rock Island Corridor. The education program will be another step to help inform our citizens about the important issues relating to transit options,” said Lee’s Summit City Manager Stephen Arbo. “Our participation in this education effort is a positive statement regarding our interest in being a regional partner in this dialogue,” Arbo said.

In order to fund the educational program, each participating city was asked to pay a proportionate share based on population. Besides Lee’s Summit, several cities have agreed to the funding request.
A study of the I-70 commuter corridor and the Rock Island corridor, began in June 2011 and is expected to be completed in late spring 2012. Both corridors run near two heavily traveled roadways, Interstate 70 and Highway 350 (Blue Parkway), and through cities experiencing growing residential populations. Several activity centers, including downtown Kansas City, Mo., the Truman Sports Complex, and multiple town centers fall within the corridors.

For more information about the project, contact the City’s Manager’s Office at (816) 969-1010.