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We are here to help you and your Business Flourish!

LSMeansbusiness.net | Incentive Policy

Radio audio: Collaboration, Midwest Work Ethic, Pride, Prosperity 

Our City's collaborative culture provides the impetus for our local business to not only take root, but more importantly to successfully compete on the regional, national and international stage.

We will coordinate your needs by streamlining the business process internally through the Development and Business Services offered by the Development Center.  We also work closely with our business partners in promoting business and economic development. 

We mean Business! 


The City adopted an Economic Development Incentive Policy supporting the Economic Development Vision as outlined by the City Council.  This policy includes information on the type and availability of incentive programs as well as targeted economic development outcomes and geographic areas. The City of Lee’s Summit is prepared to strategically and responsibly consider the use of incentive programs to meet our economic development goals and outcomes in support of this vision.

It’s worth reading!  View our Economic Development Incentive Policy


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Business Services


The Development Center Business and Contractor Licensing Division assists customers through the licensing process. They do this by streamlining the business license process, so application through payment is all taken care of in one location. 

Business licenses

Contractor licensing

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Development Services


The Development Services Department facilitates the “one stop shop” approach. They do this by working with developers and businesses from pre-application to occupancy. Applicants may come to the City and only have to knock on one door instead of three or four to conduct business. 

Organizational Chart


Development Process


Project managers work with the applicant to navigate the business and development processes, and to communicate and coordinate with the applicant on behalf of multiple departments.  Please use the following link for more information regarding the development process.

Development process

Commercial permitting


Residential Permitting Process


When we looked at how we could best assist the residential building community, we determined that it would be best if we assigned a project manager to each builder rather than to specific permits. This will allow us to form a relationship with each of our builders and adapt to their specific needs. And it makes it simpler for the builder as they will always know who their primary point of contact is for development/permit related questions or concerns.  Please use the following link for more information regarding the permit process.

Residential permitting