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City of Lee's Summit >> Codes and Neighborhood Services >> Foreclosures

Foreclosed/Abandoned Residential Property

Property Registration Form  

The "Abandoned Residential Property Registration & Maintenance Ordinance" was adopted in July, 2008 and is now under Chapter 16, Article 8 of the Lee's Summit General Code of Ordinances. The purpose of the ordinance is to serve as a mechanism to assist with protecting residential neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security of abandoned residential properties which are in foreclosure.

Any residential properties in existence which are in the foreclosure process and are abandoned shall be registered with the City of Lee's Summit in accordance with the adopted regulations.

Once the registration form is received, an exterior inspection of the property will be performed to determine if the property exists in accordance with the Property Maintenance Code standards of the City of Lee's Summit (Chapter 16 Lee's Summit Code of Ordinances).

The registration form may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed (with the attachment) to the Neighborhood Services Division of the Development Services Department accordingly. Only fully completed registrations will be received and processed. Failure to provide all required registration information will be treated as a failure to properly register the property.

Contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 816-969-1200 with any questions or contact us online and select "Neighborhood Services" as the department to contact.