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City Council Committees

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Rules Committee The Rules Committee formulates and presents for consideration the rules of the Council.
Community and Economic Development Committee The Community and Economic Development Committee (CEDC) reviews current or proposed policies or ordinances dealing generally with planning, zoning, residential and commercial development, park land use, code enforcement, general landscaping issues and any other related issues.

Finance & Budget Committee

The Finance & Budget Committee evaluates and reviews financial statements, investment actions, recommends purchasing and bid approvals to the full Council and considers all other financial transactions as directed by the City Council.  The Committee also reviews the City Manager's proposed budget prior to its consideration by the City Council pursuant to Article XI of the City Charter.
Legislative & Intergovernmental Relations The Legislative/Intergovernmental Relations Committee began as the “Ad Hoc Legislative Committee” in the 1990’s to work on developing City positions on state and federal legislative matters affecting municipalities.
Public Works Committee The Public Works Committee reviews matters relating to public works (engineering, streets, and airport), water and wastewater, conservation of energy, environmental impact and pollution on natural resources.  They also consider current or proposed ordinance or policies addressing all infrastructure and transportation issues in conjunction with the Design and Construction Manual including issues concerning the Lee's Summit Municipal Airport.


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